Is Hard Work Stupid?

In a recent article titled "Virtually Exhausted" William Deresiewicz, editor at The American Scholar, suggested that believing hard work is a way to achieve is "one of those notions that is so stupid it has to embody a deeply held belief". In this notion he refers to the Protestant religious system that has elevated hard work... Continue Reading →

The Data Flood

We mostly think of data as something we put in into the systems using electronic forms. Human operators pour in data all around the world. There is also data about data, which is what mostly computers do with their invisible algorithms, and then there is data generated by machines equipped with sensors that measure all... Continue Reading →

Working Memory, Success and Education

In a recent article published in New York Times ("Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters") David Hambrick and Elizabeth Meinz discuss a research study directed by David Lubinski and Camilla Benbow from Vanderbilt University which demonstrates that people who have higher level of working memory capacity have a distinct competitive advantage in their careers. The correlation between significant successful career... Continue Reading →

Instruction-Design Befriending Constructivism

The relationship between instructional design and constructivists theorists is not one of the friendliest. Sparks fly when arguments break up. So, when I started reading Instructional-Design Theories and Models I expected to find a discourse totally immersed in the traditional instruction based teaching. But this wasn't the case. Although the main philosophy of teacher driven... Continue Reading →

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