The fascination with the way the world is changing is such that it cannot stay limited to personal boundaries. It has to be shared and have others add theirs so that something of better value is created. This blog is about casting thoughts (ThoughtKasting) about society, economy, education, technology and human development in an attempt to capture our creations and in that process to create something new as useful as well.  My belief is that technology is a creation that fuses with other endeavours called “social” to improve our society and the way we live and work.  I am in two minds about technology though. I love its daring advance and exploration, but I still favour the human factor when it competes against all these cold marvellous inventions and I chuckle every time when I see humans tricking smart robots in Sci-fi movies. Go Neo, anytime! We should rebel against technology when humour and simple human candour is threatened by calculating inorganic creatures.

I have been fortunate to work in the field of education for almost a decade, one of the most important sectors of our economy. This is where my work has become predominantly socio-humanistic and I studied, conducted research and learned about human development and learning. In my eyes technology and education are set to transform the world together and they are key to the survival of our planet.

My research work led me to the observation that innovation is adopted three-dimensional cycles: social, cognitive and professional. From early innovators to late majority and laggards, innovation itself goes through rhythmic transformations that keep ideas, products and business going. This is the cycle of progress. I am fascinated how all this develops in a social context. In the end, with all the smarts and professional victories, what matters is how the innovation impacts on our social and personal wellbeing. And this is how I see the world and this is what I want to write about: design thinking, social emotion and business.

Emil B Buga

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