Writing is a promise that I keep breaking. I blame time or lack of, but I have to admit that somewhere, among other things, there is the fear of failing to write the perfect post. So, to the reader that happens to stop by: don’t be too harsh. I want to write about things that matter, or are interesting, and that could be of value, worthy of sharing. My own experience as a reader of creative work produced by others is proof that sharing is a valuable social act from which we can all learn. This is my modest attempt to contribute. 

A short note about me: I am fascinated by the way the world evolves, the emergence of history from the myriad of events in our lives that condense over time in trends seen in global markets, economies, politics, arts, media, etc . I am amazed how in response to these changes, we make decisions using millions of years old scripts, not much different from our Neanderthal old buddies, yet we keep inventing and become new all the time using those same scripts. Well, maybe they change a little. Never ending, always evolving fractals of ideas.

I love history, financial markets, humanities, geopolitics and technology. Among all these, I have a special interest in financial markets. They are always young, innovative, moving, deciding, making sense of all the other domains blended, diced into one river of data, events and emotions. Financial markets have a way of reasoning that is magically always right over time. The global financial market makes for an incredible reading that helps you anticipate the future, but only if you are willing to accept that it is very likely that before you get it right you will be wrong many, many times. 

Emil Badilescu-Buga, PhD – Social Adoption of Innovation – Sydney, Australia




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