I am not a professional writer and I haven’t spent a lot of time writing in a free form style either. For people like me blogging could be intimidating. However, I always loved the idea of writing, and that gives me enough motivation to overcome the fear of making terrible mistakes. What could go wrong 🙂

So, here I am. I promised myself that I will be as direct and authentic as I can be. My writing will drip from the vines of my own ideas, my own beliefs. Some time ago I realised that I prefer reading stories written by people who say what they think, whose stories describe what they experienced personally, people who use their own imagination to those who as sophisticated, complex and polished they may be lack conviction, self-expression and purpose. I like reading their stories even if their writing style lacks finesse.

I follow my brain, but I listen to my heart. When you read something you instinctively know whether the representation is pretend or not, and you know if the text is there to artificially create a planned impression, an image that may come at the expense of meaning. Even when I read a scientific text I get almost immediately if the writer is genuinely passionate and truthful about the subject, unencumbered by the weight of pretence.

I will write deliberately and improve as I go. My posts will be mostly the product of “streams of consciousness” with a quick revision before publication. I will let this process to be a fast machine-learning experience which (hopefully!) will improve my writing with each publication. I expect my instincts to get better, my expression clearer.

Publishing has a mysterious effect: the moment you pressed the ‘Send’ button, you instantly see errors that you could not see during hours of detailed proof-reading. If I make mistakes it is not because I didn’t try to prevent them from happening or because i don’t care, but because I did not see them . The only way to advance is to practice, make it real. With each iteration, I will get better.

What is it that i am writing about?

I will write about whatever I like! However, I will focus on my predominant ares of knowledge and interests in technology, innovation, education, social transformation, financial markets. I also like to understand how history influences the unravelling of contemporary large scale transformations.

I am fascinated by the paradoxical relationship between the new world that always seems to claim a total departure from the past and patterns of human behaviours that have been with us from immemorial times (feeding the nothing-changed sceptics).

The research I conducted for my PhD into how the spread of ideas and adoption of innovation is a confluence of technology, historical context, learning and social interactions is also an influential factor on my interests.

However, I have no strict selection criteria, at least for now. The new, the unexpected, the promising, the interesting, the challenging, the beautiful, in whatever form they occur, I am all in.