Bill Gates was invited at this year TED Conference as a curator. He will invite a number of speakers, but also he gave his third TED talk in three years.

This year Bill Gates is focused is on education. His concern is the diminishing funds allocated to education in US and the increasing financial pressure on states’ budgets. His assessment is bleak, but he is optimistic a way to fix this will be found. 

Here is his speech.

The question of what happens with the budgets is one that will become louder and louder not only in US but around the world as the governments are required to become effective with budget management and more accountable with the taxpayers’ money. The point that Bill Gates made in a very simple way, the state governments must be scrutinised at least at the same level listed companies are, for instance err… Microsoft and Google. After all, we are all shareholders in the biggest enterprises of all: the government.